Preparing to Move with Martina 

I am one of those people that loves moving, I have it down to an art! When you work with me I will share with you time and money saving tricks that I have learned over the years.  Little tips, that can make all the difference like: remember to take a photo of your electronics wiring, have zip lock bags on hand for hardware for any furniture you disassemble for the move, and put a set of fresh linens in a drawer of each bedroom’s dresser for easy bed make-up at the other end!  I have compiled a list of over 30 move-friendly tips that I can’t wait to share with you.

A move does not have to be stressful and overwhelming. With early planning and Martina’s Moving Checklistto keep you on task and organized, you may even enjoy the process!  I see moving as an opportunity to take stock, declutter and organize a-new.

The first and most important thing is to start planning early; ideally minimum six weeks to two months before the intended move date.

It’s also a good idea to make a note of important phone numbers, dates and company names on the back of the moving checklist. This way all the important information you may need during the move is in one place.

Remember, I am available to answer any questions and help you get moving in the right direction.  Martina’s Moving Checklistfollows; my moving secrets, I’ll share with you in person.

For more tips and moving advice AskMartina!

Six to Eight Weeks Before the Move

   Confirm your moving date.

   If currently renting, ensure you follow the appropriate tenancy termination notice and guidelines to inform your landlord of the proposed moving date.

   Request quotes from a range of moving companies. Advise them of any extremely heavy or awkward pieces, and any accessibility issues on either property.

   If professional movers are not an option, create a plan defining friends and moving vehicles to be used or rented.

   Book storage space, if required.

   Assess your current belongings and pass on/sell anything you can.

   Order any furniture, carpets or made-to-measure window blinds or curtains at this time if you have exact measurements of the new property.

   Inform the appropriate utility companies about the move and the date of the move: ◌ Water  ◌  Electric  ◌  Gas 

◌ Telephone  ◌ Cell Phone  ◌ Internet/Cable TV  ◌ Water/Heater rental

   Inform all insurance companies: ◌ Home Insurance  ◌ Health   ◌ Auto   ◌ Life

   Notify Government Offices: ◌ CRA  ◌ Vehicle Registration  ◌ Driver’s License  ◌ Other

   Consider arranging for Mail Forwarding through Canada Post to ensure important mail follows you to your new address.

No Less Than Two Weeks Before the Move 

   Pack all non-essential items and clearly label the contents.

   Pack valuables, personal items, and important papers separately and plan to transport personally if possible.

   Inform healthcare services about the move and register with new providers if required.

    Arrange child and pet care for the day of the move if needed.

   Finalize details with the chosen moving company and confirm arrival time and directions to both addresses.

   If the new house is occupied, details with the current occupier have to be finalized. The time of arrival at the new address needs to be suitable for both the buyer and the seller.

On the Day Before the Move 

   Complete packing and set aside a bag/box with any essentials needed for the day (can include clothes,toiletries, medications, food etc.)

   Do one final sweep of the house, closing off each room after it has been inspected.

   Leave any manuals or warranty information booklets for any appliances remaining; a quick welcome note with important known details will be greatly appreciated.

   A welcome card to the new home owners with fresh flowers or a bottle of champagne is the perfect finishing touch.


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